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Q: How can I get involved?
A: In a variety of ways! Submitting photos or story snapshots, either written/oral/video recorded, and sharing reasons why you love your neighborhood are great ways to get started with Cincy Story Mural. You can also attend or partner with us to host a Photo Harvest. Additionally, we’re looking for your individual assets, skills, and ideas. Please visit our Get Involved page for more information. We'll have more information in the coming weeks.
Q: What type of photographs may I submit?
A: We would like photographs from all over the Greater Cincinnati area. What’s acceptable? Anything you love about your community, something that makes it unique. Places. People. Events. Moments in Time. We just ask that images be appropriate for all audiences.
Q: Who all is involved?
A: This project was envisioned by Krista Brinkmeyer, a resident of Norwood. She recruited a variety of community partners including: Public Allies Cincinnati, Cincy.com, DIY Printing, Sybilka Storie Photography and YOU. Please see our About Us page for more information.
Q: Where will the murals be placed?
A: Murals will be installed in public spaces throughout neighborhoods in the greater Cincinnati area.
Q: What is a Photo Harvest Party?
A: Photo Harvests are gatherings of neighbors and friends sharing photos, stories and life experiences. It is a fun, easy way to get involved with Cincy Story Mural, learn more about Cincinnati’s secrets and make new friends!
Q: When will the Photo Harvests be?
A: Photo Harvests will be taking place throughout the 2012 year. Please like us on Facebook and join our e-mail list to be kept in the loop.

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