Friday, March 23, 2012

Unique Cincinnati

      Why the City of Cincinnati is unique to me? One reason is because many of the different neighborhoods can interconnect on one street, such as Vine Street, Reading Road, Montgomery Road, and Madison Road just to name a few. Another reason is in the urban region of Cincinnati you can walk from one community to the next.

      When I was younger, one of my fondest memories was our family outings walking from the Avondale where the Cincinnati Zoo is located to Fountain Square in Downtown. Along the way we would stop at the local stores, restaurants, and arcades to hang out. Once we arrived to Fountain Square we would sit around the fountain and observe the other families hanging out or chasing pigeons. Sometimes we would play tag with the other children. Cincinnati is unique to me because it is a very family friendly oriented city!!    

Guest post by Cincy Story Mural Team member, Tawanda Rollins

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories! Avondale all the way downtown is a hike, a full day's adventure for sure! I think it's mostly downhill- did you all walk back too? Clifton hill is no joke..