Friday, March 16, 2012

Cincinnati... Pet Story!?

It has been such a joy these past few weeks to peruse the photos we have received and to see how much pride Cincinnatians have for our city. While I was helping our design team by sorting our photos into neighborhood folders, I noticed a common factor that kept appearing. Among the old photos of family and friends, sport team pride, and love of Cincinnati treasures that we all share, there was another, unspoken story being told. Do you know who else loves our city? Our family pets!

They love to get cozy with us in the sun...

Comfy Cat from Pleasant Ridge

They join in as we cheer on The Cincinnati Reds...

These dogs have Reds fever Downtown!

Sometimes they accompany us to work...

One might meet this pleasant dog in Clifton

And they enjoy the beautiful city skyline...

Cincinnati from afar!

 They play around in the suburbs of Cincinnati too...

This jovial pup is rolling around in Montgomery

 Yes, no matter where you go in Cincinnati, you will find joyful pets of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and we can't forget the other fun creatures we share our city with!

These geese inhabit Hyde Park during the warm weather.
There you have it, the unspoken story of the other members of our families. The ones who laugh (well, bark, meow, or squeak) with us at Gary Burbanks' hilarious prank phone calls on the radio, and comfort us when we grieve the Bengals missing yet another chance at the Super Bowl. Also, they are the family member(s) who will not hesitate to gobble up all of our Skyline Chili Cheese Fries when we're not looking. Regardless of my bitterness over losing that delicious lunch, I am glad that you chose to share those stories with us. I can't wait to see them displayed in the mural as part of the story of Cincinnati!

Guest post by Cincy Story Mural Team member, Lorita

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